Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And away we go!

Tomorrow the Tall Guy and I are heading to San Diego for a wedding I'm in, which I've been mentioning along the way the past few months. That said, it appears the winds have died down, the bride is in a brace/off the crutches, I have a dress (there's the hem!) I have shoes (I couldn't bear to wear silver strappy shoes...). It appears we're good to go. Yay!

Now, things to report... first, as I'm knitting more, I'm also winding yarn more often. I'm sort of obsessed with making a swift instead of buying one. There's a photo on this blog, in addition to a interesting demo of using an electric mixer to wind the yarn off of the swift. Weird if you ask me, but still funny to look at. This weekend we'll be a stone's throw from Legoland...but will be able able to go? I doubt it. Boo. So, I think making this swift is going to be a cold weather project for the Tall Guy and I, since I love yarn and he loves projects. Silly, yes, but it looks functional to me.
Now, I have a few things to show off but, most of that you won't see until I get back. We'll be seeing my HLP (aka Bestest Friend) while we're out on the West Coast and I have a package of homemade goodness in my suitcase for her which I won't disclose until we get back!

So, I have one Monkey Sock complete here and the next will be cast one while traveling tomorrow. These are a Christmas Present, so yes, its shown on my foot, but I'm not keeping them! They will shirk a bit and the recipient's foot is a tad bigger and wider then mine. I'm pretty much on target right now for Holiday knitting while also promising myself to stay true to actually liking what I'm knitting and not just turning myself into a one person sweatshop operation!
I've made it to the end of the post without mentioning the Red Sox... really, what more needs to be said. They kicked some serious ass. New England, in general is looking pretty awesome right now, so much that I'm starting to become a much better home-town-pride-sports-fan then I used to be...how could you not with the likes of the Patriots, Boston College, the Celtics AND the Bruins all looking great in addition to the Sox? Okay, I'm done now so...yay New England!
Chances are, I won't be posting again until next week, unless the spirit moves me later tonight, so have a lovely weekend all!

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  1. I love that sock pattern!!! It is so pretty. ~Mkick