Friday, October 5, 2007


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Happy friday ya'll.
Here's a picture of my most new sock on the needles. The pattern name, for Muggles is Monkey, so I'm not just spouting off random things. The neon glow of the What's Up 1972 socks are causing me to take a brief pause on them. Okay, that's not true at all, they'll be done this weekend. They're just at a point where I can start another pair of socks, esp. since these ones are for a Christmas gift. I'm trying to balance my knitting right now with things for me and things for others (See, I'm a good only child!).

And, people. The ridicule I'm taking for my crocs that are en route to my house at the moment is impressive. I know I didn't like them much, but sometimes, just sometimes, Function wins over style. EEks. My 94yr old Grandmother just came out of my mouth...

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