Monday, October 5, 2009

Mmmm dinner

I'm trying to get in the habit of cooking ahead/prepping ahead and all round more organized dinner eating. The Tall Guy and I get home from work about 6ish, which isn't late, but when I cook from scratch, as I try to do more of now, dinner doesn't hit the table til close to 8pm some nights and what one doesn't need is me hannngry! (hungry=angry for me!)
Last night while cooking one dinner, I prepped for tonight as well. The Tall Guy thought this made for a cool picture, so now you also get to see inside our refrigerator. Yikes!
The recipe is from Food Network's Cooking with the Neely's and is here. I did sub Soy Chorzio for the real stuff which you can now find in not just Whole Foods or Trader Joe's but I found it at Giant!The great thing about making a casserole tray for dinner for the two of us is that even though the Tall Guy eats a decent amount...there's plenty for leftovers for the rest of the week!

Anyone have any recipes that stay happy in the fridge for a few days (i.e. cooking on a Sunday for dinner Wednesday?)

The February Bandwagon

7,008 (and I'm sure more as I hit "publish") knitters can't be wrong... After years of toying with yarn choices, I finally cast on for my own February Lady Sweater.
Here's a photo of the original from Pam's website Flint Knits.
(saved to my server)

While I don't wear the vintage clothing I did back in high school anymore, I love this sweater's nod to the 70's, especially in this color.

Here's my version in progress...
While I've played with the color some, I don't think my camera is doing this any justice, it's a bit more kelly in person. The yarn is Miss Bab's worsted weight in the verdigris colorway (I think).

So far, I can see why there are over 7000 of these babies on Ravelry alone. It's a great pattern, based off of Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby sweater that is holding my interest, but is also just right for couch/TV knitting. I'm so excited to get this done as Fall has arrived in D.C. with a bang!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello Fall!!!

Crafty Bastards was yesterday and the weather could not have been more perfect. Of course, this also made for some super crazy crowds, but I was happy to see the vendors appeared to be doing well, and I ran into lots of people I hadn't seen in some time. I was sad to miss Paula Woolarina with her new baby, but will hope to track her down soon!
When I ran into Malia, she had a special treat for me!How gorgeous is this handspun?
It's 100% Alpaca and I think it will become either a cowl or a pair of mitts. Check out more of her handspun and other creations here!