Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yeah for another "Friday"

Okay, I know its Thursday. But, its my Friday! Yay!
And, a four day weekend to boot.
And I'm getting to see one of my best friends for the second time in a month AND I just got to see the other one twice in one summer. Seriously folks, it has been the summer of visting and visitors. I wonder if we all just realized how much we missed each other and decided that it was okay to start spending the cash to get back and forth across the country.

All this traveling to see people though, has made me realize one thing. For ages I've said I want to go back to Boston or at least New England. While I still think this is true in part, what I really want is for all my friends and family to take a vote and find a mutally agreeable place where we can all live in a utopian community. Where there's water, nice affordable housing, jobs, its not too cold or too hot and there's a good place to get a cup of coffee and hang out and knit. and a park for my yet-to-be procured dog to run. Is that really too much to ask?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This and That.

Leftovers Baby socks
Originally uploaded by sparklypia
I no sooner said to the Tall Guy last night "This weekend should be pretty calm, that's good" that the phone rang.
My friend Em is flying in from San Diego for the weekend! I'm really excited about it, but whoooo. Seriously its been a summer.
Another pair of socks were churned out this weekend, (baby ones of course). They are so quick and cute! I used Tiny Toes (one of the mystery balls).

And.. on a total random note to other knitters... why are knitting/yarn stores only open past 6pm one night a week? Last night I tried to get a new set of Addis to start a project and was thwarted. I don't get it... wouldn't you think you would have more business at 630 at night then 2pm? Maybe that's just me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

And the fun never stops

Hello hello! So, the Comcast drama continues and is the process of ending.. I haven't been able to do much in terms of interneting in my house recently, so that said, you have no pretty pictures at this juncture.
The full drama of my sudden loss of internet is one that has been drawn out over the last three weeks or so. Needless to say, the end result is that my wiring was jerry-rigged at some point (or is it gerry-rigged? I have no idea) and so when my new neighbors moved in downstairs, adding cable to their house (the nice old woman downstairs must not have had cable) both of our internets/cable would not work at the same time! (My new neighbors have been pretty nice about all this, but at the moment, they have cable and I don't, so I'm forced to not REALLY like them. I was here first! Anyway, it was discovered (after 5 Comcast visits) that there is splitter on the connection and my cable was just being run up through the floor instead of being its own "Home Run" line (according to Juan the cable guy). So, in order to get this all fixed it involves lots of wiring, potential drilling and a whole lot of drama I don't really feel like dealing with.
I think tonight, I'll be calling and canceling Comcast once and for all and looking into other internet options. I'm a bit of a speed snob now, though so I'm not really jazzed about DSL, but given that I'm not sure if I'll be in this house for another six months or six years, I really don't feel like dealing with Comcast anymore.
So, I have knitting to show you. Lots of it. I've been busy! People are popping out babies left and right! But, I don't have any pictures to show you, except the one of a sweater I'm going to knit. I've decided my first sweater was boring and I found this pattern and its called wicked and has a cute pocket. Better yet, its all knit in one piece. No sewing for this girl!
Hopefully I'll be able to borrow someone's internet in the next day or so and give you updates.
I really don't suck, its just been a crazy few weeks.
In the midst of the internet drama I was:
-In Oklahoma for a few nights (yuck).
-Had My HLP visit for 5 days (awesome)
and we went to Dewey Beach for two of those days (hmmm. love the company, the locale is questionable).
- Quit my yoga job, but kept one night a week as a Studio Assistant (that's another whole set of drama, but we'll leave that one alone in the name of Good Karma)
I'm hoping that the fall will bring a better sense of normalcy to my life as my body is requesting a better schedule, better food and more yoga.

Here's the sweater I'm going to knit using the green yarn I started my first sweater with back in the spring.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Welll, at least the house is more clean

Its been an annoying Friday. I've spent the entire afternoon and now into the evening alternating between yelling at Comcast on the phone and waiting for them to show up.
I'm still waiting. They were 'spose to be here over 2 hours ago (that includes the 3 hour window!) So, now instead of going into the city for dinner, my friends are awesome and they're coming here with Chinese. After dinner, we're heading to the Montgomery County Fair. I can't wait. I love stuff like this. I mean, little pigs racing, fried dough (or anything else you can think of) scary rides... its great.

I also have been letting my hair grow, which is kind of big for me, as I've had it really short for years and years. Its also not been a natural colour since about Sophomore year of high school (do your own math) and I wasn't quite sure what my hair really looked like anymore. So, this go around with the dye, I let it go longer then my customary 4-6 weeks. Its been over 8 weeks now and I can at least see that my hair is still about the same hue it was a decade ago. There is however, a major issue.
I found a grey hair. It isn't actually grey, though. More like WHITE. Good lord, I'm taking after my mother, who was salt and pepper by 30.
My hair will be dyed this weekend, no further research is needed. Sigh.

In the meantime, .my house is much cleaner and I've taken pictures of some yarn I hadn't gotten around to capturing until today. This one is my new fave.
Originally uploaded by sparklypia
I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I love looking at it. Perhaps old age is making me more into pink, but this Chewy Spaghetti yarn just makes me think of bubble gum icecream. Yum

If anyone has a better idea of an internet option for me (besides the current one where I "borrow" what I can pick up and thank my neighbors for not password protecting?) I am open to any ideas.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another random thought

I guess I'm on a roll this week. Its just one of "those" weeks that is a totally hectic work week sandwiched between two weeks (more or less) out of the office. Apparently its making me more "all over the map" then normal. Erica arrives a week from today and then when she flies out, I fly to Oklahoma City (it just took three tries to spell OK right) for a few days of work. Whoooeeee, another midwest town I will be able to check off. If anyone knows of any "can't miss things" there, please let me know. I'm staying in Bricktown at the Sheraton and that's about all I've figured out.

So, on to the actual random thought plaguing me tonight. I just ate dinner at Teaism after Yoga. I love Teaism and thank TD for introducing me to the Ginger Limeade there, its amazing. Anyway, I go there mostly for the al a' carte tofu. I know how to cook tofu, I've dated and lived with my share of vegetarians and vegans. Sure, I like a cheeseburger, but my fried tofu with peanut sauce is pretty tasty, according to the Tall Guy (who's not a veggie). That said, I cannot for the life of me figure out this tofu. Its cold, its realllllly firm and the texture is amazing. They just slice it, dump some soy sauce, minced ginger and scallions on it and call it a day. Is there a special tofu out there that I can slice and do this to? Anyone?

I promise to give you pictures soon, I know blogs w/out pics are no fun. Hopefully by the time I post, my first Broadripple sock will be done.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dear Tourists

Dear Tourists of Washington DC:
I realize that you are on vacation and you don't live here. I just want to point a few things out for you so it may make you time here more enjoyable. If you sit down on the metro (that's the train system here) next to someone who is reading and/or knitting and may also have their headphones on, you should be polite when asking them questions. Simply turning to this person and yelling loudly "Is THIS the TRAIN to FORT Totten?" does not make anyone's day any nicer. Also, while you may think that because this is a city full of politicians and tour group companies that all locals should be nice, after a 12 hour day at work in August, I really really really do not want to talk to you about how my sock knitting is just "the cutest thing" and how my sock knitting must be the only way I survive in such a terrible place! Actually, us locals, ma'am survive much better in the winter when there are less people like you here.
In closing, if you have ever been in a city, walked through a mall, driven or rode in a car in the United States or walked down a street, you know two things. You move on the right side of a travel way and you move to the right to get out of the way of passing traffic. Please take this common sense, which seems to be lost as soon as you enter this city and stay to the right on escalators. It will make everyone's day much better.
An employed person who lives in DC.

Monday, August 6, 2007

And... I'm back!

Originally uploaded by sparklypia
I came back from New England kicking and screaming.
Upon my return I seemed to pick up a bug which I'm still fighting today. I'm happy to report that food is now staying in its proper place.
I got a ton of knitting done while I was sitting on the beach, attending family gatherings, riding the bus to boston and back, etc. etc.
This new sock is a Christmas gift for one of my aunts. Its being knit in Cascade fixation, which is a really weird yarn. Its a 98% cotton and 2% elastic. It makes for a strange tension that's all over the map. Its being knit on size 3 dpns's so, its moving along pretty fast.

While I was home, I did some yarn shopping and store browsing. My biggest pick-up was actually at Wal mart, of all places. The Mason Dixon book has a great collection of patterns that all involve 100% cotton Peaches and Creme yarn. The best place to pick it up? Yup, Wal Mart. The small balls are about a $1.50 and the 1 pound cone is $6.00! So cheap!

I'll post pics of what else I picked up soon. In the meantime, tomorrow its back to the real world...