Friday, August 24, 2007

And the fun never stops

Hello hello! So, the Comcast drama continues and is the process of ending.. I haven't been able to do much in terms of interneting in my house recently, so that said, you have no pretty pictures at this juncture.
The full drama of my sudden loss of internet is one that has been drawn out over the last three weeks or so. Needless to say, the end result is that my wiring was jerry-rigged at some point (or is it gerry-rigged? I have no idea) and so when my new neighbors moved in downstairs, adding cable to their house (the nice old woman downstairs must not have had cable) both of our internets/cable would not work at the same time! (My new neighbors have been pretty nice about all this, but at the moment, they have cable and I don't, so I'm forced to not REALLY like them. I was here first! Anyway, it was discovered (after 5 Comcast visits) that there is splitter on the connection and my cable was just being run up through the floor instead of being its own "Home Run" line (according to Juan the cable guy). So, in order to get this all fixed it involves lots of wiring, potential drilling and a whole lot of drama I don't really feel like dealing with.
I think tonight, I'll be calling and canceling Comcast once and for all and looking into other internet options. I'm a bit of a speed snob now, though so I'm not really jazzed about DSL, but given that I'm not sure if I'll be in this house for another six months or six years, I really don't feel like dealing with Comcast anymore.
So, I have knitting to show you. Lots of it. I've been busy! People are popping out babies left and right! But, I don't have any pictures to show you, except the one of a sweater I'm going to knit. I've decided my first sweater was boring and I found this pattern and its called wicked and has a cute pocket. Better yet, its all knit in one piece. No sewing for this girl!
Hopefully I'll be able to borrow someone's internet in the next day or so and give you updates.
I really don't suck, its just been a crazy few weeks.
In the midst of the internet drama I was:
-In Oklahoma for a few nights (yuck).
-Had My HLP visit for 5 days (awesome)
and we went to Dewey Beach for two of those days (hmmm. love the company, the locale is questionable).
- Quit my yoga job, but kept one night a week as a Studio Assistant (that's another whole set of drama, but we'll leave that one alone in the name of Good Karma)
I'm hoping that the fall will bring a better sense of normalcy to my life as my body is requesting a better schedule, better food and more yoga.

Here's the sweater I'm going to knit using the green yarn I started my first sweater with back in the spring.


  1. Oh, my god. In the last week TD and I also got so fed up with Comcast that we canceled service. We ordered DSL (also not jazzed about the slower speed, but Verizon FiOS is "coming soon" - maybe it's already available for you!)
    We also ordered Satellite TV.

    Comcastic: adj. anything which is similar to Comcast in at least one way, including: offensively bad customer service, outrageous prices, and the worst website since 1990.

  2. Have you met the Slowsky's? They're awesome. And they seem to like DSL just fine.