Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another random thought

I guess I'm on a roll this week. Its just one of "those" weeks that is a totally hectic work week sandwiched between two weeks (more or less) out of the office. Apparently its making me more "all over the map" then normal. Erica arrives a week from today and then when she flies out, I fly to Oklahoma City (it just took three tries to spell OK right) for a few days of work. Whoooeeee, another midwest town I will be able to check off. If anyone knows of any "can't miss things" there, please let me know. I'm staying in Bricktown at the Sheraton and that's about all I've figured out.

So, on to the actual random thought plaguing me tonight. I just ate dinner at Teaism after Yoga. I love Teaism and thank TD for introducing me to the Ginger Limeade there, its amazing. Anyway, I go there mostly for the al a' carte tofu. I know how to cook tofu, I've dated and lived with my share of vegetarians and vegans. Sure, I like a cheeseburger, but my fried tofu with peanut sauce is pretty tasty, according to the Tall Guy (who's not a veggie). That said, I cannot for the life of me figure out this tofu. Its cold, its realllllly firm and the texture is amazing. They just slice it, dump some soy sauce, minced ginger and scallions on it and call it a day. Is there a special tofu out there that I can slice and do this to? Anyone?

I promise to give you pictures soon, I know blogs w/out pics are no fun. Hopefully by the time I post, my first Broadripple sock will be done.

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