Monday, August 6, 2007

And... I'm back!

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I came back from New England kicking and screaming.
Upon my return I seemed to pick up a bug which I'm still fighting today. I'm happy to report that food is now staying in its proper place.
I got a ton of knitting done while I was sitting on the beach, attending family gatherings, riding the bus to boston and back, etc. etc.
This new sock is a Christmas gift for one of my aunts. Its being knit in Cascade fixation, which is a really weird yarn. Its a 98% cotton and 2% elastic. It makes for a strange tension that's all over the map. Its being knit on size 3 dpns's so, its moving along pretty fast.

While I was home, I did some yarn shopping and store browsing. My biggest pick-up was actually at Wal mart, of all places. The Mason Dixon book has a great collection of patterns that all involve 100% cotton Peaches and Creme yarn. The best place to pick it up? Yup, Wal Mart. The small balls are about a $1.50 and the 1 pound cone is $6.00! So cheap!

I'll post pics of what else I picked up soon. In the meantime, tomorrow its back to the real world...

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