Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, it's official, the third of my best girls is all married, meaning that the last wedding of the season is done. Whew. Yve and Al's wedding was in Hampton Beach NH, about 15 minutes from my Dad's house. It was such a fun night! We don't have another wedding until April and while they have been tons and tons of fun, dudes. I'm tired!

Highlights included a mashed potato bar at the cocktail hour (yes, exactly what you would think, mashed potato in a martini glass and you put a huge assortment of toppings on it)
Seeing my bestest friends (I've been so spoiled this year!!!) and a general all around good time.

If you had looked closely, you would notice that in the mashed potato picture, I'm wearing the newest Damson. You can't knit just one.

Of course, the Tall Guy and I can't sit still long, so we'll be in Detroit for Columbus Day and Seattle/Vancouver/Victoria the last week in October. Lots of plane knitting time!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The cupcake quest continues

Yesterday, Jessie and I had a grand adventure. It pretty much revolved around food and knitting all day. Awesome. In between some quality couch time, we walked to Georgetown so I could have my fist Baked and Wired cupcake. Not only do I think I've found the absolute winner of the best cupcake in DC, but this is a great coffee house and full range pastry shop that won't be kaput the day the cupcake bubble bursts.My cupcake was vanilla with chocolate frosting. Yum. The ingredients tasted fresh and were definitely decent quality. The cake was dense, moist and just right. It also wasn't super sweet. Here's Jessie with her Red Velvet cupcake as well.
Later in the evening we went to the AFI to see Julie and Julia. Funny enough, I like the movie SO much more then the book. I think Meryl Streep did an amazing job. Amy Adams? Eh. Could take her or leave her.

Random aside: A few weeks ago I was trying to put a bandanna around Annie's neck (something she normally loves). This day, however, she was clearly annoyed with me and didn't want me to finish putting it on. I left her like this for awhile.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Hello

It would be fair to say that on Sept 1, in DC, autumn arrived with a bang. It's been brisk, chilly and rainy the last week and a half or so. I suppose this bodes well for my knitting projects, but really, did we have a summer?

I have been knitting, even if I haven't been blogging.
This is from my friends Mike and Shel's wedding last weekend. For knitters, the shawl I'm wearing is Damson by Ysolda Teague. It's a fantastic knit and I'm about to cast a second one on as we speak. It only took a week, a skein of sock yarn and not a lot of concentration. All of these things make it a great knit right now as my brain continues to be overwhelmed by the daily chores of being a Federal employee. (Please don't think all feds don't work, some of us are getting are butts kicked right now!)
It would appear that a large number of my friends have decided recently to take the next step. Congrats to those who have gotten engaged recently, especially today's addition. I don't think it's super public yet, so I won't name names... only know that I couldn't be happier for you both! Yay!
And in the meantime, those of you that really only read this to look at pictures of my crazy dog.. here's Annie from a recent day where she decided the blanket was on the couch not as a means to keep the dog hair off the furniture, but as a way to keep her toasty. Awesome. Anyone want a free dog?