Monday, March 31, 2008

I can't believe I'm releasing this information...

But, I've decided its high time. I love my macaroons, but if I share the recipe with the world, then I won't have to bake them all the time! Ravelers, if this is your first time here, welcome! And, please please please, use the expensive, Reynold's Release Foil. Its really in your best interest.

“Pia’s Coconut Macaroons”
Okay, so they’re actually Eagle Brand’s macaroons that I have altered over the years, but anyone I make them for, seems to call them “Pia’s”. Regardless, one tip that is key to making these is that you must use Reynolds’s Release® Aluminum foil on the cookie sheets. Greasing the pan will still cause them to stick and you do not want to have bits of stuck on foil in your cookies. Trust me on this, please.
I typically only use Mexican or Bourbon vanilla. Its much more fragrant then the normal kind you get at the grocery store. (Trader Joe’s has Bourbon vanilla)

· 1 (14 ounce) can EAGLE BRAND® Sweetened Condensed Milk (NOT evaporated milk)
· 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
· 1 bag mini-chocolate chips (large ones are okay too)
· 2 (7 ounce) packages flaked coconut
1. Preheat oven 325 degrees. Line baking sheets with the Reynolds Release foil. Set aside.
2. In large bowl, combine condensed milk and vanilla. Stir in coconut and about ½ a bag of chocolate chips (use your best judgment). Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto foil-lined sheets; with spoon, slightly flatten each mound. Bake 15 to 17 minutes or until golden. Remove from baking sheets; cool on wire rack. Store loosely covered at room temperature.
( I often put them in the refrigerator, it keeps them firm)
Chocolate: Add 4 (1-ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate, melted. Proceed as above.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Its a two way "ahhh" really. One being the pulling ones hair out as they are about to change jobs ahhhh and the other is the one you have after an hour long massage. They seem to be balancing one another right now.
Let me explain. See, I'm changing jobs starting next week, though staying at the same agency, with the same job title. I'll just work with different people and have a different reporting chain. It's all good and a chance to increase my knowledge base.

The massage sigh? Yes, the Tall Guy set up an hour long massage for me this evening at a spa as a birthday gift. It was perfect and much needed. Monday I turned 29, which I know isn't that old, but seems like an old number to me this year. I'm okay with it though, as its a year of big and good changes. (And, for the last time, peanut gallery, there will be no babies!!!!)
So, what have I been up to this week? Well, some knitting has happened. Monday night we had a few people over and the Tall Guy cooked and I drank wine, so knitting+wine are not a good combo... yesterday, we were on-call to court as witnesses (and were never called) for the whole man-on-the-car incident, so I worked from home and managed to get a few rows in on this sock. Once I tried it on, I realized it may be a bit big for me. Thankfully, I know just the feet these will work for, and am getting a jump start on holiday/fall birthdays knitting. Wahhooo!

And, last week, I ordered some mill ends of Lorna's Laces Sheppard Sport from Jimmy Beans. Here's one all wound up. I think it will be a fairly simple sock that I may put a little cable into. Nothing too wild..

Annie likes it best when you hold the bone for her to chew on. She's a teamwork sort of dog.

Now, off to continue enjoying my relaxed state, I'm sure tomorrow will be another crazy day at work as I wrap up loose ends.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cupcake Friday

I'm not so secretly obsessed with cupcakes. Its true. I've starting baking them for no reason, except that is a Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Saturday. You get the idea.

natalie dee

And, this may be my new favorite blog, for obvious, like themed reasons.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another day, another sock

Shortly after finishing the toe on my new Lemon Lime socks the other night, I was on to my next endeavor. I got this yarn from the Loopy Ewe after Christmas (Thanks Parents for the GC!) and have been thinking about projects for it ever since. I came to the conclusion that a simple jaywalker would suit this yarn just right. Just the right level of mindless while still being interesting. SweetDeets:
Yarn: Spritely Goods, Slph Fine Fingering
Needle: One size two long ass needle. I think its 42 inches.
Pattern: Grumperina's Jaywalker.

Annie loves her new backyard.
This means the Tall Guy and I are much happier too. Note the green squeaky toy. Its her "outdoor" toy because inside... its the most distracting and noisy, brain-pain enducing toy ever but, the pup loves it. So. Much.

Ohio, again.

This past weekend one of my "girls", Yve stopped by with her bf for lunch and brought me an early birthday present/housewarming gift. TWO pints of ice cream from Jeni's! Seriously. Folks. I'm an ice cream/gelato sort of girl and this is the best stuff around.Yve had been in Ohio w/her man recently because he's there for work, and on a very cold winter day they ventured to North Market on my urging (well, shouting on the phone sort of thing) and tried it. And, then. They understood. I now have Salty Caramel and Gravel Road in my freezer and was considering ways to hide it from the Tall Guy, but decided if we're going to do this whole getting married thing, I suppose I can share a little of my ice cream. Maybe.

And, to round out my thoughts on Ohio today, Natalie Dee brings us knitting content. She is, in my humble opinion, the shit.
natalie dee


Monday, March 17, 2008

As promised...

A finished object.
How much do I love size three needles and sport weight yarn? A LOT. That said, I think the left sock toe is a schooch shorter then the right, but I trust this will stretch in time. One pair of socks in a week with three days lost to the flu? That's pretty freaking sweet.The deets?

  • Yarn: Woolarina Sport Weight - I think the ballband is elsewhere, so I have no idea what the colorway is...
  • Needles: Size Three DPNs
  • Pattern: Sell Your Sole Socks. Found at this site.
  • Happy? Sure thing.

back from the dead

Happy Monday Ya'll!
For the first time in a week, I truly feel good and normal again. Whew. Remember when you were young and being sick was cool, because you got to stay home from school? What happened to that? The days I was in bed, with a raging fever and various other ailments, I never was worried about my health. Nope, I was worried about what I wasn't getting done at work. I obviously need to go back to 1st grade.
Anyway this is apt to be post one of two today, as I hope to show you an FO by the end of the night. For now, however, I just wanted to share with you some yarn that cracked me up.
I won't tell you my political preference outright, right now but, let's just say if Mama E has this yarn at the Yarn Party in a couple of weeks, I am totally buying it. LOVE it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I showered!

Seriously, that's the excitement from the past two days. Tuesday afternoon, I had a headache start at the back of my head. As it worked its ways around, I kept trying to fight it off with caffeine and drugs. Lo and behold, I was in bed by 8pm that night and woke up Wednesday morning in the full grip of the flu. Eck. This wouldn't be so hard to swallow if I hadn't already had what I thought was the flu about a month and a half ago. But, no. This was what my best friend and I back in college dubbed the "Kindergarten Flu" because, as an adult the last time you remember being this sick, you were, indeed in kindergarten. So, this is the second time in about 6 years I've had it. Bleck. It only adds insult to injury that I'm super busy at work, so I really didn't have time to take two days off in the middle of the week. Apparently, this is my body's way of telling me to slow down, stop stressing and relax a bit. Ha.

In good news, I got picked in the lottery for Scout's Swag! I'm totally excited for that, it should be lots of fun.
Now, off to take a nap.

Monday, March 10, 2008

As the swift turns...

Or Legends of the Ball-winder? haha. I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, now that I have a little corner carved out in the spare bedroom, I finally had a moment tonight to set up the swift and ball winder to try it out. For anyone totally lost, here's what I'm talking about. And some of you are lost after that post, which is why I have a video for you of the swift and ball winder in action. Knitters, you don't really need to watch unless you're that curious. My hand normally guides the yarn, but it was (duh) holding the camera. I should also explain to the muggles, that Yarn comes in a "hank" that looks like this:
When you undo the twisted action, the yarn in a big circle. You can't knit with a circle of yarn. Trust me..TRUST me. Anyway, that's why I have this contraption..

So, I decided when I got home tonight that I would not actually work on anything else currently on the needles, but instead start a pair of sport-weight (heavier) socks that will be more like "house socks" because this new house has a whole lot of wood floors, not a lot of rugs and a good draft. I'm a barefoot girl myself, but my toes do get icy. The great thing about sport weight yarn on size three needles? It goes SO fast. So, here's the progress of about an hour (mayyybe an hour, the phone did ring). This is Woolarina's Sport Weight HandPainted. Not only is her yarn cute, but she's super nice in person!
And for those waiting with bated breath... here's the beginnings of my Clapotis.
I have a bit of startitis right now, but I'm overly concerned. Nothing is on a deadline, its going to be warm soon and I can just start stockpiling for next winter! This is probably a good thing, also between the Wii, and realizing not only that the pup thinks she's a lap dog (at 40+lb), but she also doesn't like me knitting, when I should be patting her. Photos to follow on that one.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

slowly but, surely

The house is starting to resemble a dwelling..and before the behavior actually occurs, I should fess up... I may not be as good a blogger coming up here for a little while... the Tall Guy and I wandered into Best Buy last night and somehow in an event that felt more like a drug deal then it did a retail transaction, I (ME not the Tall Guy!) am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii! When my Aunt and Uncle were over for lunch today, we even got them playing and discussing if they should get one. So much fun. Its really the only game system I've ever played for more then 30 seconds where I have fun, don't break out into a cold sweat or want to vomit because the graphics are so weird (like... what was that Bond back in college?)
Our good purchasing luck continued as the Tall Guy found an open box LCD TV like he had been looking for (not too big, 32 inches I think) and then... today, we were going to Goodwill to drop off more stuff for charity and what-do-you-know..(quick digression here). If you know anything about me on the outside world, its that I'm a bit of a denim girl.. not totally nuts, but I love my Diesels and my Sevens etc. I'm little and when I find things that fit right, I get them... it been ages and ages since I bought any new jeans as it was one of the things I cut out of the budget in efforts to save... so, today we go to Goodwill, walk in quick to see if there's anything interesting and I find...not one...but two pairs of paper, denim and cloth jeans! In my size! The best part? They were $6.98 each and I'm pretty sure one pair has never been worn! Seriously. Awesome.
And on to yarn and knitting content...I can't believe its taken me this long to show you all the sweater... I've been wearing it on the regular for over a month now! Its not the best light, but you get the idea (and look, our bedroom is in not-too-bad shape!)

And, before I go, a little yarn pr0n for ya...I was at the Loopy Ewe website this week, ordering a few presents for fellow crafters (shhhh, you can't see...) and a few skeins of Yarn Love fell into my cart. How could I not resist they are totally my colours! Its the Elizabeth Bennet line, which is 65% Superfine Merino, 20% bamboo and 15% silk. I may leave a few projects unfinished just to cast this stuff on!!!

Tomorrow, I promise, in honor of Malabrigo March, you'll see photos of my min-clap in progress. In the meantime, back to kicking the Tall Guy's butt in Wii Bowling!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

meet baby cutie pie

If you know anything about me, you're apt to know I'm just as quick to say a baby resembles an alien as I am to say its okay-looking.
That said, I'd like you to meet my new little niece! (Parents, I hope its okay, I've dropped the future). She is, I dare say, the cutest baby on the block, but that's just me.

Its been a trying week, with life still partially in boxes, wedding questions coming up again and work being nuts. This week is also the anniversary of my losing my mom to breast cancer 12 years ago. It will be nice, in the future to associate this week with our new little niece's birthday as opposed to what I've thought about for the past twelve years.

In knitting news (cuz that's what I'm suposed to be talking about....right?) I cast on randomly for a mini clapotis last night. I've had this malabrigo lace weight mocking me for close to a year now, so I decided it was time... I'll show you pictures of it soon, I promise!!
And, last but not least, I'm debating tossing my name into the drawing for getting a slot in Scout's Indie Sock Club this go round. I think I may just do it this time, I love Scout's yarn and she's just so darn cool, I wish we could be friends. (Don't tell her I said that, it seems a little creepy, right?)

Monday, March 3, 2008

And we're back!

For the first time since the beginning of August, I'm sitting in my own house with a solid, reliable internet connection! Wahoo!
We have completed the move, there are boxes all over, and I'm wiped out. But, its a super cute place, we have a little backyard and the pup, well, she's in her glory. I didn't realize it fully until about an hour ago when I caught her rolling around in the backyard quite happy to be soaking up some new scent. We know who's getting a bath soon!
Only a little knitting these past few days and if I could begin to imagine where my camera is, I'd take a picture. Ha.
On family news, I have a new little niece that was born yesterday. Its time like this that the Tall Guy and I are sad to be so far from most of our family. (His Michigan, mine NH) but, the internet is an amazing thing and we got to see pics of the beauty within hours of her coming into the world.
We can only hope that at least with the move over with, our lives will be a bit more organized.
Okay. Stop laughing! I said hope!