Monday, March 17, 2008

back from the dead

Happy Monday Ya'll!
For the first time in a week, I truly feel good and normal again. Whew. Remember when you were young and being sick was cool, because you got to stay home from school? What happened to that? The days I was in bed, with a raging fever and various other ailments, I never was worried about my health. Nope, I was worried about what I wasn't getting done at work. I obviously need to go back to 1st grade.
Anyway this is apt to be post one of two today, as I hope to show you an FO by the end of the night. For now, however, I just wanted to share with you some yarn that cracked me up.
I won't tell you my political preference outright, right now but, let's just say if Mama E has this yarn at the Yarn Party in a couple of weeks, I am totally buying it. LOVE it!

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