Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jaywalkers, I must be slow or something

I posted to my list-serve about the jaywalkers. I have no idea why I'm so slow about it, as the stitch pattern should be working out perfectly, but every few rounds, I'm off. so, my list serve, while wonderful just asks the questions I asked myself.
*Was I doing the increase right?
*Was I doing the decrease right?
*Can I count?
I don't know, people. but, I'm fudging it from here on out.
Here are the pics so far.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

traveling part one...

I am back from Detroit. It was fun, fantastic and relaxing. The Tall Guy's family is sweet and wonderful and I nearly kidnapped their dog.
During the flight out, I was staring at the Knitters Companion (older edition, a freebie from my Aunt who quickly gave up knitting) determined to learn a long tail cast on. It's supposed to be easy and universal. Well. I tried and tried. During the time at the gate. During the safety instructions and during take off. I kept tangling myself up in yarn. Finally, I did the one thing I didn't want to. I interrupted the Tall Guy's reading to ask for help. No, he can't knit. But, he can read directions and look at pictures and seems to be much more adept at translating what's on the paper to what's on my needles then I am. And. In a matter of moments I had it.
Thank you, Tall Guy.
Now. I cast on a Jaywalker. It's my first one and I'm using Lime and Violet sock yarn. My first go round resulted in my tearing back about 3 inches of progress. I'm trying again as I'm still not sure exactly where I messed up. After train riding/yoga/train riding tomorrow I'll have more to show you and promise pictorial evidence of my weekend knitting while traveling.
In the meantime, here's me sailing this weekend. So much fun!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

And the chaos begins... but first

some pictures.

This was the mason-dixon knitting buttonhole bag pattern. It was knit in a matter of hours. This is mid felt:
and the finished product! When I have more time, I'll explain hand felting in more detail. I think there is a great deal more physical effort involved then most of my readers realize:)

The giant socks are DONE! And they fit the Tall Guy!
In the meantime, I'm off to a wedding here and then flying to De-troit tomorrow for a few days. The cell phone won't be answered, and I'm really excited to have a few days to unplug.
Let's hope the Tall Guy's family finds me at least amusing. Midwesterners and New Englanders are always an interesting combination.
Sid gets sad when I travel a lot. I wish I was able to capture him hanging from the top of his cage yesterday. It was odd to say the least.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm not a control freak

I'm really not... but.. I knit a bag and as got ready to go to the laundry room to toss the bag into the scary laundry machine in the laundry room.. I couldn't do it.
I wanted control. I wanted to watch it felt. I wanted to make sure nothing bad happened.
So, instead I invested in a new little plunger that will only be used for crafts.
I took off my shoes. I put hot water into the tub. I put the knitted object into the tub.
And away I went.
Is it bad that I could have saved my self slightly scalded toes, a lot of sweat and sore arms if I had just PUT it IN the washing machine? I guess I care more about this trip to Detroit than I had been willing to admit and I'm taking it out on this poor little felted bag.
But, Damn, it looks cute:)
Finished product picture tomorrow. I promise.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

An open letter:

Dear Former Roommate Who Sews:
When you are done with your terrible law school finals, I sincerely hope that one of your first projects is a circular needle holder for me.
My needles are everywhere and Sid tells me he's sick of looking at them. I even sat on a set the other day (OUCH!)
I realize the man has been getting you down, but I promise that in exchange I will knit you something fun and cute which I will bring when I come to see you in a few short weeks.
In case you forgot how great I was to live with I'll share an anicdote which will help you remember how fun and entertaining it was to have Pia as your roommate.
The other night my cell phone rang. It was across the room. I hopped up to see if it was someone good (maybe even you!) and in the process got wrapped up in the USB cord attached to my computer. Not only did I fall flat over (nothing broken), but I missed the phone call (not you) AND now have a scar. Yes, a scar from my USB cord when it went whipping around and hit me so hard, I bled. I think this is another reason why I should not live by myself.
I've included a picture in case you aren't sure what it is that I am seeking.
Your most awesome and cool former roommate,

said picture from

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yay for Fridays!

It's the most overcast its has been all week right now, but its sunshine in my heart. Okay, not really. But, it is Friday and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of Wineries in Va, Yoga and other good stuff.

The Loop Ewe struck again the other day, in the middle of a bad-work afternoon. Somehow two balls of the Bamboo/Crystal Palace sock yarn are now on thier way to me. I had returned this yarn to Stitch DC some time ago, but then decided to give it another go. I love this colorway too!

In other news, the Giant Sock is nearing completion. Yes, I'm well aware that the tall guy won't be wearing hand knit wool socks again until about November, but that's okay. I'm on the cuff now, and he doesn't like "tall" socks, so this will be pretty simple.

Happy Weekend to all! This is my more calm weekend of the month. Ha. Next weekend is a wedding and meeting the parents. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just had a really funny yoga class tonight. I couldn't focus, was spacing out and then this Hare Krishna music was playing which resulted in my stifled giggles for about 10 minutes (it was a long song) as I had a flash back to a New Years Eve in Boston years and years ago. The details at this point are foggy at best, but I have this memory of walking down Boylston (which was closed to traffic I think) only to see a HUGE band (for lack of a better word) of Hare Krishna's hopping up and down and dancing away in sub zero temperatures in their robes and mostly shaved heads. Their chant, with a drum was simply just yelling "Hare Hare Hare Krishna!!!!!!!" over and over and over. While I know admittedly nothing about the Hare Krishna, this has stuck with me and made a reverse side angle pose a bit difficult as I giggled.
So, class continues with about 10-15 minutes spent concentrating on our feet. Pushing, pulling prodding, poking, trying to get them to do funny things... it was odd. I hadn't had a yoga class that was that sort of disjointed in a really long time.
Anyway, here's the secret project I'm working on. (scroll down and you're see a bunch of the bags) I don't think the recipient is reading right now, but I'm not giving it away at this point, in case I change my mind and I haven't even cast on yet. Blabbermouth (you know who you are), keep your trap shut, please!

If you want the pattern, I have it, I just can't figure out how to upload an adobe file. If anyone wants to tell me, that would be awesome.
Off to bed, its been a Monday... On Tuesday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

knitting things

I just spent the morning doing knitting things with Alyssa. We work together, but she's also a great friend so, it was nice to hang out outside of the confines of work. And... she's a knitter on whom I may be a bad influence ...
We started out with mini lessons at my house this morning over coffee and then took a field trip to Knit and Stitch = Bliss and then Stitch DC. It was by far the best experience I've had at Knit and Stitch to the point I'm ready to say that I like it there and am going to add it to my favorite stores list. All the ladies working and hanging out, while mostly 20-30 years older then us, were super friendly, funny and gave us some great ideas (I walked out with a new pattern they photocopied for me!) I bought some new yarn, but will wait to unveil the finished product in a few weeks, as its a surprise gift. I also dented the wallet with another set of addi turbos, this time in size 15! yay! Alyssa did some shopping at well and it was a ton of fun, though the wallets suffered when I should have been behaving myself. sigh.
A few quick pictures... The tall guy gave me flowers on Thursday that were too pretty not to share...
and, this is the longest my hair has been in over 10 years. Strange, but true. It's getting a trim in about a week and a half...we'll see how it ends up!
Off to play outside!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Progress has been slow and steady. I'm not sure why this sock is taking so long, but it is. I think its a case of SSS (second sock syndrome). I love knitting with this yarn, but I'm just like "Please End already!"
And the sweater back is making progress as well. I'm about an inch away from starting the armhole shaping. I love the color of this Karabella SO much!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holy Sheep

Hello Hello! I have survived my work week and managed to upload the pictures I had promised. First... sheep. This is just one of zillions at MSW and to be perfectly honest, one of the only pictures I took there. I was too overwhelmed to take pictures. Sad but, true. Here we have some alpaca sock yarn! I think its more of a dk/worsted weight then fingering weight (dk and worsted are heavier/thicker yarn then fingering) but, that's okay. I think there's a good chance it may become a chevron scarf, thanks to Janet. Either way, I've discovered how soft alpaca can feel! One of my girls, Yvonne has had some personal experience with alpacas due to her boyfriend's Mom owning a... well... bunch (what the heck is a bunch of alpacas?a herd?) and I've invited myself to Vermont when then go one day to meet them in person.
This roving is made from Soy and is called Soy Silk. I've been fascinated lately by what can be done with by-products of materials such as soy and bamboo. The hippie in me loves it. I'm not sure how it will be to work with for a novice spinner, but its really fun to look at in my living room
And.. this roving is a merino/tencel blend. So, the picture looks blurry, but its because the tencel sort of sheens off of it. I'm not that terrible of a photographer! The picture doesn't quite do the color justice either, its a fantastic deep sea green.
And.. my new spindles! I am very excited for these guys. I've been playing a little, but really haven't had time to sit down and try it this week. I'm hoping for time this weekend, but that's looking questionable.
I have a few more pics for you, but will hold off til tomorrow.
In the meantime, its an amazing day here in DC, the heat is coming in, but the humidity doesn't seem to caught up quite yet. I'm off to prepare for a "date". I don't normally advertise milestones, but it appears today marks one year of the Tall Guy and I being. ..well, whatever it is that we are, mostly what I like to see as a great team. It's insane how fast time seems to go by now...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bad blogger, no cookie.

I know. I’ve been a terrible blogger this week. Please forgive me. Big Girl work has been hectic and crazed and chaotic and all of that good stuff rolled into one. I know its nothing to complain about, and I’m gainfully employed, but most days just means that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get half of what I want done there, only to go to Yoga (which I won’t give up!), meet my Adams Morgan girls for post yoga food, say hi to the tall guy in passing as I zip to the metro, knit a few rows in transit and get home and crash by 11pm.
Dear reader, this does not leave a whole lot of exciting things to tell you at the moment!
Here goes. I’ll try.
I don’t have good pictures for you, but I’m not working on Friday, so how about then?
Maryland Sheep and Wool. Holy cow. I walked into the festival and immediately stopped talking. I hadn’t been that overwhelmed since the first time I went to Disney World back in 1987. I’ll post my purchases, but didn’t do too much damage at all. Which is really quite impressive. I had never seen much roving in person (that’s unspun wool for the Muggles) and the amounts, kinds, colors and sheer variety was Off. The. Hook. Even the tall guy was impressed.
I didn’t have spinning in my mind at all when I walked in. But as the day went by I collected two drop spindles (one was free from Interweave) and a bunch of roving. I’ve started practicing a little, but its going to be a steep learning curve for sure. I’m so sad this is only once a year. I can’t wait to go back!

In other news, I’m bracing for the summer season. Two weddings, a trip to Detroit (eeeks!), two trips to NH for Sisters graduation and family visiting and a visit from Erica in August is making for tons to look forward to in the coming months. I’m not sure how I’ll fit it all in! More details coming soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Okay.... the day got better.

I got home from a long day today to a very (very) belated birthday card sent via my aunt from my grandma. The best part? A check! Yay! I'm not one to get excited about such things, but it was totally unexpected... I mean at 28 do you always except a check for your birthday a month and a week late? I don't! So. Now. A slight excuse to buy yarn this weekend!
Also since I haven't been home in good light, I'm giving you the stock photo of the Lime & Violet yarn I just got. How can you not love these ladies?

And, yes. Its true. I do have a domestic side that is starting to fight its way out of me mostly via baked goods (the cupcakes went over well at work) and a reduced desire to go to crowded crazy bars anymore. I am, however a creature of cycles, most noted by those that have lived with me, so this too will likely pass.

getting excited!

This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool! I'm so excited.

Seriously, its like a fair, but with only Sheep, Wool, yarn and ummm all that good stuff.

The tall guy, for some reason is also excited to come along, while most of my friends think I've finally lost my mind.

The weather is supposed to be great, so it will be even more fun. Otherwise (I know its only Wednesday and I'm planning my weekend) I'm considering turning off my cell phone and refusing to make any grand scale plans. Big-girl work (as opposed to Yoga-work) is sort of kicking my butt right now in not the most positive manner. As a result I apologize for my whining and bitching recently. I'll get over it soon.

Times like this call for drastic measures. In addition to my normal coping mechanisms of yoga and knitting, I'm a bit distracted with baking right now.
I may have brought a dozen cupcakes to work today for no particular reason except that, Well..hell! Everyone loves cupcakes!

Happy Wednesday!