Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Okay.... the day got better.

I got home from a long day today to a very (very) belated birthday card sent via my aunt from my grandma. The best part? A check! Yay! I'm not one to get excited about such things, but it was totally unexpected... I mean at 28 do you always except a check for your birthday a month and a week late? I don't! So. Now. A slight excuse to buy yarn this weekend!
Also since I haven't been home in good light, I'm giving you the stock photo of the Lime & Violet yarn I just got. How can you not love these ladies?

And, yes. Its true. I do have a domestic side that is starting to fight its way out of me mostly via baked goods (the cupcakes went over well at work) and a reduced desire to go to crowded crazy bars anymore. I am, however a creature of cycles, most noted by those that have lived with me, so this too will likely pass.


  1. Personally, any trip outside of the law tower would be cause for celebration at this point so I am not in any way questioning your excitement re: the Maryland sheep and wool festival. But I hope you don't buy toooo much yarn, because you don't have infinite storage space :)
    ~ mkick

  2. That yarn blob totally looks like a multicolored brain. -td

  3. of course! the pattern is here:,guid,a1e51312-e453-417f-8f69-e00b57fad053.aspx and i suggest using a centered dbl decrease (slip 2 tog k wise, k1, psso)

    glad you found some good stuff at MS&W!!

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