Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holy Sheep

Hello Hello! I have survived my work week and managed to upload the pictures I had promised. First... sheep. This is just one of zillions at MSW and to be perfectly honest, one of the only pictures I took there. I was too overwhelmed to take pictures. Sad but, true. Here we have some alpaca sock yarn! I think its more of a dk/worsted weight then fingering weight (dk and worsted are heavier/thicker yarn then fingering) but, that's okay. I think there's a good chance it may become a chevron scarf, thanks to Janet. Either way, I've discovered how soft alpaca can feel! One of my girls, Yvonne has had some personal experience with alpacas due to her boyfriend's Mom owning a... well... bunch (what the heck is a bunch of alpacas?a herd?) and I've invited myself to Vermont when then go one day to meet them in person.
This roving is made from Soy and is called Soy Silk. I've been fascinated lately by what can be done with by-products of materials such as soy and bamboo. The hippie in me loves it. I'm not sure how it will be to work with for a novice spinner, but its really fun to look at in my living room
And.. this roving is a merino/tencel blend. So, the picture looks blurry, but its because the tencel sort of sheens off of it. I'm not that terrible of a photographer! The picture doesn't quite do the color justice either, its a fantastic deep sea green.
And.. my new spindles! I am very excited for these guys. I've been playing a little, but really haven't had time to sit down and try it this week. I'm hoping for time this weekend, but that's looking questionable.
I have a few more pics for you, but will hold off til tomorrow.
In the meantime, its an amazing day here in DC, the heat is coming in, but the humidity doesn't seem to caught up quite yet. I'm off to prepare for a "date". I don't normally advertise milestones, but it appears today marks one year of the Tall Guy and I being. ..well, whatever it is that we are, mostly what I like to see as a great team. It's insane how fast time seems to go by now...