Sunday, May 20, 2007

An open letter:

Dear Former Roommate Who Sews:
When you are done with your terrible law school finals, I sincerely hope that one of your first projects is a circular needle holder for me.
My needles are everywhere and Sid tells me he's sick of looking at them. I even sat on a set the other day (OUCH!)
I realize the man has been getting you down, but I promise that in exchange I will knit you something fun and cute which I will bring when I come to see you in a few short weeks.
In case you forgot how great I was to live with I'll share an anicdote which will help you remember how fun and entertaining it was to have Pia as your roommate.
The other night my cell phone rang. It was across the room. I hopped up to see if it was someone good (maybe even you!) and in the process got wrapped up in the USB cord attached to my computer. Not only did I fall flat over (nothing broken), but I missed the phone call (not you) AND now have a scar. Yes, a scar from my USB cord when it went whipping around and hit me so hard, I bled. I think this is another reason why I should not live by myself.
I've included a picture in case you aren't sure what it is that I am seeking.
Your most awesome and cool former roommate,

said picture from


  1. Ok, ok,ok, so this is what I get for wishing for frequent posts! I'm SORRY that I'm behind on the sewing, but really the man is totally getting me down. I KNOW you were the second best roommate ever (the one I live with now wins by default), I MISS your ridiculous behavior (at least you were never a sock-leaver or bad go-to-bedder). The man will be done with me Wednesday. I will try my best.

  2. You should get a life alert and wear it around your neck at all times.

    PS - I'm sorry for laughing my butt off at your injury...but oh my god, it's funny