Wednesday, May 30, 2007

traveling part one...

I am back from Detroit. It was fun, fantastic and relaxing. The Tall Guy's family is sweet and wonderful and I nearly kidnapped their dog.
During the flight out, I was staring at the Knitters Companion (older edition, a freebie from my Aunt who quickly gave up knitting) determined to learn a long tail cast on. It's supposed to be easy and universal. Well. I tried and tried. During the time at the gate. During the safety instructions and during take off. I kept tangling myself up in yarn. Finally, I did the one thing I didn't want to. I interrupted the Tall Guy's reading to ask for help. No, he can't knit. But, he can read directions and look at pictures and seems to be much more adept at translating what's on the paper to what's on my needles then I am. And. In a matter of moments I had it.
Thank you, Tall Guy.
Now. I cast on a Jaywalker. It's my first one and I'm using Lime and Violet sock yarn. My first go round resulted in my tearing back about 3 inches of progress. I'm trying again as I'm still not sure exactly where I messed up. After train riding/yoga/train riding tomorrow I'll have more to show you and promise pictorial evidence of my weekend knitting while traveling.
In the meantime, here's me sailing this weekend. So much fun!

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