Wednesday, May 2, 2007

getting excited!

This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool! I'm so excited.

Seriously, its like a fair, but with only Sheep, Wool, yarn and ummm all that good stuff.

The tall guy, for some reason is also excited to come along, while most of my friends think I've finally lost my mind.

The weather is supposed to be great, so it will be even more fun. Otherwise (I know its only Wednesday and I'm planning my weekend) I'm considering turning off my cell phone and refusing to make any grand scale plans. Big-girl work (as opposed to Yoga-work) is sort of kicking my butt right now in not the most positive manner. As a result I apologize for my whining and bitching recently. I'll get over it soon.

Times like this call for drastic measures. In addition to my normal coping mechanisms of yoga and knitting, I'm a bit distracted with baking right now.
I may have brought a dozen cupcakes to work today for no particular reason except that, Well..hell! Everyone loves cupcakes!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. be careful with your baking...if you keep it up, people will know that you're a closet domestic :)
    p.s. - it's true - everyone does love cupcakes

  2. yes, and they were good to eat too. I did question the merit of cupcakes from an oven that doesn't heat evenly, but delicious just the same.