Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Advice from your HR Girl

So, in addition to knitting, yoga, and Harry Potter, the thing that really keeps me busy 40+ hours a week (also known as a profession and/or j-o-b) is working for a Federal Agency as an HR Specialist.
I'm taking this opportunity to give you three easy pieces of advice. This has nothing to do with all the applications I'm currently reviewing. Of course not!

  1. Spell check. Everything. And while you're at it, make sure you're spelling the name of the person you're submitting the application to correctly. (It's Pia. Not Mia, not Pi. Pia.)
  2. Read the vacancy. Its one thing to think "I'm just going to try for this one, its a stretch". It's entirely different to apply to a job you have no qualifications for at all. You're wasting my time and yours. I'm happy you have a degree in History, but I really do want and need a Chemical Engineer with 5+ years of experience. Thanks.
  3. And, last but not least. Get an email address. They're free. And while I really am good at talking on the phone, a lot of times its faster to EMAIL you something as opposed to Mailing it. And, one more thing. That email address? Don't have it be something totally weird/unprofessional. is a good one. Otherwise, do you think I can take you seriously if your email address is ? (that's not real, but I've certainly seen stuff like it....)

Free advice, you love it.

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  1. said boy strikes again.......youll never make a sweat shop out of me.