Wednesday, January 17, 2007

you know you have a problem

I just realized that I'm going on a three night trip. There is a bit of a plane ride involved mind you, BUT. I just spent far more time trying to figure out what knitting projects I was bringing, then what clothing I was packing.
Perhaps this is because I wear pretty much the same thing all the time: Jeans, fitted tee, mostly of the earth tone variety or black, add a sweater or hoodie as needed and sneaks that coordinate at all times.
Knitting projects aren't so easy. I want to bring something that will keep my mind occupied on a plane, but also something that I can do if I want to knit WHILE hanging out and talking and visiting with those being visited.
So, I compromise.
*The current project, which needs to be finished by touch down (it will, don't you worry)
*Socks (one's already done, its all apart of my plan to usurp SmartWool with "PiaWOOL". They'll be even more expensive then SmartWool too!
*and... the super soft scarf made of this pretty green stuff...for myself. eeks.
This means that I'm still off track on the non-denominational holiday gifts. Off to rethink the knitting packing.
The clothes are the easy part.
Have a lovely weekend, I'm hoping its warmer where I'm going, but its not looking

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