Monday, January 15, 2007

happy ummm ground hog day present?

Before I say anything... I just want to say "Go Pats!!" Exciting game tonight, even I was wearing a jersey (and yes, it came to my knees)
So, anyway this year, I thought I was on top of it all. Every present wrapped by the 20th and ready to go. I swear, its true. Sweet!
Okay. That's the biggest lie ever.
I've already mentioned the "lamb smelling tote bag" that wasn't fully complete by Christmas. The trend continued when I gave Shelly her gift with a needle still in it, so I could finish it over the lunch we were having.

I am currently working on part II of Emily's gift which was going to ship with Part I that DID ship around Dce 20th...At least football playoffs are helping to push along these projects (photo cred: my worst enemy Mike) .
I still have...
A bunch of hats
A bunch of scarves
A scarf for me (its a really pretty green yarn thats super soft and thin)
An unfinished wedding gift (actually... two of those)
And then, maybe I'll start thinking about starting a bigger more formative project.
Until then, if you get something from me, from here out, I'm not apologizing for late gifts, I'm simply giving you a..ground hog day hat, or a happy hump day scarf. We all know I'm not the most timely...

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  1. Ooohhh... Sorry about the Pats. I really wanted them to win too, so they could get their arses handed to them by the Bears. -TD