Wednesday, January 10, 2007

let's give this a shot..

okay. I've been casually dabbling in blogs for the past year or so, between all the various social networking sites and yet none of my friends will join the same site and then one will inevitably say "you never update your blog!" and I get in trouble. okay, not really but I can pretend to be that popular.
Mostly, I'm not going to talk about my latest love tryst (okay, may hang to this one a little while..) or my job (mostly okay, sometimes not) , but I will talk about adventures, and most of all be a big fat dork and start posting my knitting projects. I realized recently that I give most of my projects away, so I have no record of what I make and stuff like that. If I post as I go, even if you my dear reader (if I have any) don't care, at least I know what I've done.

This inaugural post includes my most stressful Christmas gift ever. I really try to not the be the knitter up til all hours on Christmas eve trying to bind off and wrap before the sun comes up, but I am. So, my Step Mom's felted tote bag was started the day after Thanksgiving and was completed on Christmas Eve Day. Possibly still a little damp and smelling of wet sheep as it got wrapped. Without the button and button loop on it. But, still (mostly) done. For my first real felting project, I think I did okay...

Now, my current project most actively on the needles is a little ipod nano cozy for my new ipod. If you know nothing else about me, you should know I'm bad with electronics. Real bad. So, I'm hoping this nano lives a little longer then the previous three 20gb regular ipods I had. Let's hope the cozy extends the life.

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