Friday, January 26, 2007

Maybe I should start a sweat shop...

I keep trying to teach the boy to knit and its obvious he has no interest except to watch and go "Wow, that looks hard!". I don't want to knit together and be cute, I just want him to do the more mundane and boring things so I can get to the fun stuff like the cables and decorative increases! Whooo ee. You don't realize how lame you're getting until you see a sentence like that in print.. anyway.
This weekend was a pretty chill one, which was incredibly (in my opinion) well deserved and timed. Said boy and I watched a lot of mundane TV, cooked a great dinner w/his roommates and had a wonderful adventure to Eastern Market. Much needed.
The laid back weekend gave me plenty of time to work on the super soft green scarf I'm making right now. (For the knitters: its Rowan Kidsilk in Haze, shade 581 which can only be described as a sage sort of green I LOVE it) I don't have a photo update for you, as my camera is currently somewhere between here and Breckenridge. Due to my own issues with electronics, I'm usually pretty relaxed when it comes to loaning out my digital camera to friends who don't have one, have lost it overboard (ahem) or otherwise need one. That said, I think this camera has traveled far better than me in the past year.

And, if you want some entertainment, see what else I do with my time and a picture that still sports my super short bangs from this summer, check this out... the bio should be up soon!

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  1. I hear you!

    Every now and again, I'll be knitting away and turn to my husband and say, "honey, don't you want to learn how to do this, too?" And he always politely declines. I'm not complaining about him. He's fantastic, and eagerly signed up for ballroom dancing lessons with me. We love to do most things together. But knitting and quilting just don't ring his chimes. He knows the offer is always open, though...maybe it'll be a retirement thing!!!