Monday, January 29, 2007

broomsticks and hogwarts

So, I started reading Harry Potter around when everyone was on the bandwagon a few years ago and then, I simply lost steam. I read books 1-3 and was just plain tired. So, while still having them in my possession, I quit Harry cold turkey.
Fast forward to now. I just zipped through book 4, starting it while flying back and forth across the country last week and finishing it in the wee hours of the morning today. On a school night, reading under the covers way past my bed time. I was too nervous to stop reading!! That darn Potter is turning me into a 12 year old again.
My main concern is about the dreams I'm having as a result of this reading. For the past week, my dreams have all involved dragons, broomsticks, magic and all sorts of other scary adventures and high-jinx. I can only imagine what this must do to a child's brain, if its leaving me this addled.
yay for imagination!!!!
Back to reading. The knitting is suffering as a result right now. You can blame Harry.

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