Saturday, February 3, 2007

strange discovery in the grocery store

The tall guy (that's what I call the boy, if you're confused) and I were in the Giant on Friday and while he left to pick out the meat for dinner, I wandered off, as I tend to do. I have ADD in grocery stores and have no interest or ability to pick out meat which always seems to take a long time. Years of an off/on bout of vegetarianism has left me much more at ease cooking tofu then a roast beef. But, I think I'm getting better.
I had spices in mind as I scampered off that were needed in order to make my hot apple cider. I'm sure the rum may dull the spices, but I was going for effect here, people. Anyway, after picking up cinnamon sticks and whole cloves from the spice section, and marveling over how expensive these little jars were, I checked the progress of the meat picking, saw it was still not complete and wandered over to the International section. You never know what you'll find in that aisle. As I walked down towards the tall church candles (what else do you call them?) that always fascinate me, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a very large container of cinnamon sticks! And... it was.
So, I stop to inspect. And yell out loud in the international aisle. Maybe a little too loudly. Something to the effect of "ARE you KIDDING ME!" and next to the cinnamon sticks... whole cloves. Also, eliciting another outraged yelp. Here's the breakdown, and I'll try avoid bullets this post.
Normal, Giant brand, smallish jar of whole cinnamon sticks: $5.50
Mexican food section brand, jar that's twice the size of Giant brand cinnamon sticks: $3.49
If you're not already running for your International food aisle, here's the kicker.
Jar of whole cloves Giant brand : $5.75
Jar of whole cloves in the Mexican food section, same size jar.... $1.49
I was shocked.
The tall guy even came over to inspect my findings and buy a jar of peppercorns for himself (also $1.49).
All products were used Friday night in our cooking and all were shown to be of fine quality.
News you can use, folks.

Now, the super soft green scarf I've been working on (still no photo, I know...) is a bit stalled as a hat for someone who has lost his (ahem) has gone on the needles. We won't discuss old-wives-tales, but I think I'm okay as long as its not a sweater or large project I'm knitting. A hat, made of soft merino wool that doesn't look girly should be okay.

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