Monday, February 12, 2007

I swatched, I swear.

I swatched*. Obviously not well enough. But, I did swatch.
The tall guy looks the little dude from the Fat Albert show where his face is replaced by the hat. It was actually pretty funny.
We're going to try washing and see what happens. Its a wool blend, so it won't felt in the traditional sense, but hopefully will pull the stitches together at bit.
I've stopped stomping my foot, but only just recently and, no, it doesn't look like you're getting a picture. Maybe if the washing helps you'll get a finished product picture and I'll act like that was what was supposed to happen all along.

*this is like a test run to see how many stitches you'll get per inch on certain needles, for those non-knitters


  1. i believe the fat albert character in question is called mush mouth.

  2. despite the size....i still love it. And who knows...perhaps i can use it as one of those hats for people with dread locks....ill stop washing my hair and start growing now.