Friday, February 23, 2007

Are you KIDDING me!

Okay. I'm almost done with the Calorimetry and look at yarn I have left. And see its really not that much yarn.... And think... hmmm. This isn't good. I cut the piece a row short and start binding off.
And still don't finish the bind off. I am stomping my foot and can't figure out what I did to run out of yarn. I was right on track! So, now its my plan to find a ball of this somewhat random Italian yarn this weekend.
I am now done cursing and stomping my foot.


  1. Rough life Dude. Rough life. - MK

  2. Doesn't it tick you off when someone with the initials MK leaves a comment on your blog, and you have like five friends with the initials MK? -TD

  3. Whatever TD, Whatever. -MK