Friday, February 9, 2007

stalled. or just going realllllly reallllly slowly

Seriously. I don't know what happened.
Okay, Harry happened. But, I was on such a roll and then fell right off.
Now, I'm back on the horse and knitting along like a little banshee.
The funny part is how a simple, blue cashmere blend (i think I called it merino earlier, my mistake) hat for the tall guy could be so slow in the making. Usually a hat is by far the fastest thing for me to whip out. This project, however has be bereft with issues. Enough issues that while I'm going out for dinner and a few drinks with a friend, I have not-so-secretly turned down plans to go out later this evening for the sole purpose of finishing this thing. I know its lame, but I'm fighting a cold, humor me.
In case you think I'm exaggerating (me? never!) I've decided to outline my obstacles over the last week or so...
The yarn had no gauge indicator at all. (It was sort of mysteriously packaged when I bought it, but it just felt so soft in my hands without looking too feminine.) So, I had to swatch. Who swatches for a hat? Not me. But, this time, I did.
I'm using vintage wooden needles. Which are pretty and fun but, are also not as smooth as bamboo. Me and the yarn have both had splinters. I've used sandpaper, various oils (sesame seems to work) and finally an emery board to smooth at the tips a bit.
I've dropped more stitches then I ever thought possible and for whatever reason, its really hard to pick them back up with this yarn/needle combo. The stitch work certainly isn't' hard.
Its nearing embarrassing how many rows I've frogged.
And, I think I'm blaming this all on the paranoia that I'm not supposed to be knitting something for someone who I'm dating, but I'm not married or engaged to. I think its all a bunch of hooey and you don't see me knitting him a sweater, but really, the knitting gods are working against me here.
Wish me luck, I'm hoping its done before the weekend is over!

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