Monday, February 26, 2007


The calorimetry is complete.
The battery on my camera appears to be dead, so no pics tonight and it is past my bed time.
While its a tiny bit big (they really don't take into account even with a size down in needles that I'm a bit of a small fry), it looks like its suposed to and covers my ears without overwhelming my head (it makes sense, I swear). The button on the back came from my stash and while the Tall Guy assisted in the button shopping, this one was my own pick from the bucket. I'll post visuals tomorrow, I promise.
For the record, I'm rocking out like I'm a sophomore in high school again wearing this. The funny little band around my head makes me feel like the little hippy from NH that I abandoned so long ago.
Off to listen to Phish before bed.

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