Saturday, March 3, 2007

Catch-up and visual stimuli

Its feeling like spring in DC, which would normally be like the light in the tunnel, but given how mild the winter was, its more like a "eh, okay, here's spring" sort of feeling. Being a New Englander through and through, however I'm not ready to think this is real spring. I fully expect a massive snowstorm between now and Mid April. Likely? No. But, stranger things have happened.

Today I finally realized that I would make a terrible house-wife sort of person. I cleaned all day and loathed every moment of it. I try, but its just not my thing.The tall guy is much more disciplined then I am in this respect, but refuses to let me hire him for his cleaning abilities.

Pictures, as promised of the Calorimetry... better late then never.

I started a new project last night on the Metro. I'm not sure it will go to the intended recipient, as its looking very pink even for her, but we'll see as it progresses. I may add some silver stuff to it it glam it up.

You may be able to guess from a project earlier this winter what this is, but I won't give it away just yet, in case she is reading this...

And... Sid is excited for Spring too, even if he is obsessed with snow that I don't let him play in.

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  1. I like your Calorimetry! I need one of those ... I also saw your comment on my stash blog about some sari silk yarn. I didn't find it too hard to work with. There were a few places with thin spots that required TLC -- I think if I handled the yarn roughly, some of those could have pulled apart. Not as soft as I might have expected though. Otherwise, not bad at all!