Monday, March 26, 2007

Blessed. But in an agnostic sort of way.

Birthday's are a funny thing. For one day you get to be special, but its that sort of special that's a little funny, because...well everyone has a birthday! This year, being not a milestone number of any sort (28), I was trying to just push it under the rug.
My plan didn't work out so well, but I did a whole lot of smiling. My phone didn't stop ringing and while I know that all of the internet social websites post your birthday as a reminder, it was still really sweet how many people took the minute to say "hi". I owe you all emails and return calls. I promise.
So, thank you. The world can often feel like a really big lonely place when you're having a bad day, so Saturday made me remember that I have some pretty freaking amazing people in my life. For that, I'm blessed in a non-denominatioal-agnostic sort of way.
Thanks and big kisses. ~P

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