Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Cleaning Continues

I finally cast on the sweater after dinner last night. And then promptly altered the pattern as I didnt like the edging (how can you do a knit one purl one rib with 63 stitches? Am I slow or something? So, I added a stitch for the first the three rows and then got rid of it. Its going to take forever to make this sweater, but the yarn is feeling pretty awesome on my fingers. Its not ready for a picture yet, but I'm showing you anyway. Now, don't expect any progress or a finished product for months and months.(ps. I've already knit TWO more rows since the picture was taken! yahoo!)

In my continued quest to finish hanging projects, Ill be wrapping up another belated holiday gift this week. This one was started, no joke, almost three years ago when I was in Italy. Half of it has been done for about that long and the other half has been languishing. This is a surpise gift and since she's an occasional reader, I'll just give a preview. I debated most of the train ride home from yoga this evening whether or not I should gift these. I see mistakes. Not huge ones, but I'm starting to care a lot more about that stuff. I think these will be gifted with the caveat that if she likes them, or the idea of hand knit (Pia Wool IS better than SmartWool, right?) socks, she'll get another pair in the yet-to-be-determined future.

I think I need to start thinking about the colours I'm buying and knitting. Everything seems to have a grass green in it!
My Step-Mom
s scarf is done and blocked and... she will be in town this week for business! An adventure to the 'burbs where her company's headquarters are located means yummy bread and tasty beer from Sweetwater Tavern! I will also get to give her this pretty green scarf in person. Always fun! Yay

For as much as I complained about the Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Im willing to bet Ill make myself a scarf with this at some point.
Its SO soft!

This week, I seemed to increase my yarn stash exponentially without even trying. On Friday, I ordered a skein of hand dyed sock yarn from Etsy and its so pretty! I already got it! And...

J.L. Yarnworks doesn't charge for shipping AND as a little thank they included an itty bitty stitch marker for me.

How cute is that? And the yarn is even prettier in person! And, I broke out of my green phase for it...

I'm not even going to admit to the other two skeins of sock yarn that jumped into my hands while I was at the Stitch DC store in Georgetown on Saturday. Grrrh and yes, they're green. Okay I just did... But they're made with bamboo! How cool is that, my hippy friends? Check it out here. (In the fern colour).

In other life events, I'm being reminded about once every two hours, it seems that Saturday is my birthday. I'm fessing up. Its true. I've been trying to ignore it. I'm not turning a big number, but there's something sort of daunting about 28. Its that age that you think you're supposed to know what you're doing or something. Ha.

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  1. I don't mean to alarm you, but I think we were meant to be friends.

    Here's why:
    I'm on my 5th iPod in 2 years (my extended warranty is now officially up and i fear the future).
    I love your rainboots, too.
    You have just introduced me to the funniest podcasts I have ever heard.
    And, perhaps most importantly: I live in DC and never go to stitch n bitch either.

    I have a proposition: we should go together. The snb listserv that I belong to meets Sundays at the Warehouse Cafe (Mt. Vernon Sq metro). I can't go this weekend because I'll be out of town... but next week?