Thursday, March 15, 2007

I need knitting friends

I know people who knit. Plenty who can push out a scarf or make a hat.. but, I'm realizing more and more there may be a difference between me and them. One of my friends who is versed in the knit and purl gave me a blank stare the other day when I was talking about the difference between a Debbie Bliss and a Karabella yarn. And, when I sent out an email about the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival I had to explain what this was all about and that it had nothing to do with Cowflopping (Thanks Monica, that did make me laugh out loud).
Shortly after discovering knitting blogs, I started hearing about Knitting PODCASTS! They are seriously the best thing ever. The problem with them is that they are often really funny. And by funny, I mean in that way that you realize that other people are as weird as you are sort of funny. So, you may see me walking down the street laughing out loud. I have to be careful I think people think I'm a little off as it is. So, you wonder, what the Podcasts that have me giggling down the street? I'll share them here, but will only tell you about two.
Lime and Violet
Stash and Burn
I've listened to a few others, but these are my favorites.
So, where am I going with all of this ? Well, I've decided its time.
I need to find a Stitch and Bitch to join. For as outgoing as I am, its never been easy for me to just show up solo to an event not knowing the situation. I'm going to do it. Maybe next week. So, if you live in the DC area and think that maybe we could be friends and could also totally geek out about this stuff, I would be really excited to join the group you're a part of or something of the like.
I'm sure the Tall Guy would be happy if I had more knitting friends, though he is my number one cheerleader for all my UFO's and works in progress.


  1. Hey, Pia. I live in Northern VA and am a total knitting geek. I haven't been to SnB, either but would love to chat with you.