Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wicked Smart!

Today Im feeling wicked smart. Seriously, this happens about once a year, so humor me for a moment.

I decided that since in the last week Ive been unnaturally obsessed with socks, I would figure out how to do the Toe Up sock ala Wendy as I was looking for a basic pattern and one that was easily memorized for multi tasking i.e. metro-riding, having lunch with friends, watching the Wire with the tall guy and his roommates, etc. etc

After a quick Subway run, I sat at my desk and figured out the figure 8 cast on. I had looked and looked at the provisional, trying to copy Wendys trademark waste yarn crochet cast on, but to be honest, crochet hooks in my mind are good for two things. 1) Picking up lost stitches and 2) picking your nose. Okay, okay, maybe thats harsh, but I still cant seem to do a chain, if anyone wants to teach me.So, instead, I opted with the tricky version of a toe up. 25 minutes later, I was increasing like a champ! Yay. The toe is already done and I'll post a picture of the progress soon.

Next Sunday (the 1st) has been deemed the day to check out the SNB at the Warehouse. Im getting brave and making new friends. I sound so much dorkier than I am. I swear!
Now, hopefully people won
t think I’m too weird at this SNB.I promise to not stick my crochet hook up my nose.


  1. yay for being wiked smart, and double yay for going to snb!
    i'll email you tomorrow :-)

  2. I am totally baffled by knitting, but I actually know how to crochet! It's been a while, but my fingers were doing the moves as I read your post. Scary!

    Have fun at the Stitch 'n Bitch!