Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Wednesday, Happy Spring

One sock is nearly done. I want to cast off today or tomorrow. Well see if that works out.

My sweater is stalled, as Ive been derailed by socks. Its okay, Im willing to work with that.

Yesterday I went to check out a new yarn store by me that recently opened.
A Tangled Skein was nice, well stocked and a friendly knitting store. I found their prices to be only okay and their sock yarn section to be a bit dull. They had that new Tofutsies with the shrimp shells (yeah, I’m not kidding, have you seen this? ) along with a ton of other SWTC but, other wise, no Claudia

s, no Lornas, no Koigu etc. The woman who was working (she may have owned it) was super sweet and nearly sent me running to the Noro selection which was pretty awesome but, not what I was looking for.

I just found out that while Im home in June for Little Sisters HS graduation my HLP (also known as the other half of my brain) will be in Boston from San Francisco! (left: The last time I saw her in November) How EXCITING

is this? Were going to overlap for a day or two and I cant wait. Twice a year is not enough for someone I lived with for the better part of 5 years.

It also looks like I’ll be back in New England for at least a week, closer to two if I can talk my boss into letting me go the end of July/beginning of August. Another one of my girls (Miss Em) will be home then, and in the middle of planning her wedding/having a shower and all that good stuff (I need a Maid of Honor dress, any solid colour, suggestions are welcome!), Im looking forward to time on the beach. I know, July is months away, but I need to be excited for

something!!! I dont think Lucky Girl will be coming with her on the plane however (pic) and we all know how I feel about her. Sigh.

Im currently seeking swimmies for what looks to be my first potential sailing excursion this Friday. Im a little nervous, but I think it should be lots of fun and Im hoping that my Dads non-sea-sick genes are in me. Wish me luck.

And, last but not least... Sid says "hi" to his loyal fan base

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  1. ooooh, the sock looks great! I'm jealous enough that I might have to get back to my sock-in-progress...

    We're definitely still on for Sunday - I promise to think of somewhere to meet by the end of the day and drop you an email with the details :-)

    Also, I will totally teach you entrelac if you let me try out your super-awesome looking ball-winder ;-)