Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big Weekend!

Okay. Is this a sign that I'm getting old? As I look back at my weekend, I realize that I was in a bar once. And in said bar, had one beer. Whoooeeeee I'm a wild woman:) That said, it was a pretty great weekend.
Thursday night was a quiet one because I didn't want to be slow for the big events on Friday.
I went SAILING! Yahoo! It was lots more fun then I could have imagined. I didn't fall in and I now I can at least comprehend all the crazy stuff that the Tall Guy says. It was a great time. It is, however exhausting. Friday night was a swing-through at Local 16 to see some friends. I was way too tired to stay out long.
Saturday-day was full of outside adventures w/Joanna to Eastern Market (and a peek in Stitch DC, though no yarn purchased) then a wonderful and much-needed adventure in the evening with the Tall Guy.

We took a grand walking field trip down to the Mall under the cover of darkness (less tourists, no muggings).
For the first time in close to 5 years in DC, I officially saw the Cherry Blossoms! We walked all around and ate tasty ice cream. Yum. (and no, I didn't take this picture myself, thanks Google.) We ended up the night w/a snack at Kramerbooks Cafe (Afterwords)...another place I had never been! Apparently this was a weekend of checking things off my list of "to do in DC".

Today I went to my first Knitting Group. I think I'll try going again. It was fun, and an excuse to get another 1/2 inch done on my blue stripey socks (on the second sock). I mostly listened, as I tend to be quiet in a crowd of strangers, but it was still nice to be around other people and looking at what they were knitting. Thanks Janet, for being my "Meeting Strangers Buddy!"
I'm back to the sweater for a little while, which has a gauge that is driving me nuts! I may be knitting a sweater for a Cabbage Patch Kid. Wish me luck.

UPDATE:::: I just checked my gauge. Three times. And I'm like... SPOT on. This is really weird.
So, rest your fears, this should be a sweater I can fit into. Or continue wishing me luck, I think I need it.

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