Saturday, April 21, 2007

The pictures are coming. Today, I swear. But. Not. Right. Now.
Its been a busy day of playing outside and visiting with my favorite black lab, Porter. (Oh, and his owner, she's okay too)
I get home, hoping the missing two dpns (double pointed needles) for the socks I'm working on will be where I think they are.
Ha. I wish. Nope. So, what to do. Go buy another set? Or hope they are in the couch cushions at the Tall Guys house, which I won't find out until late this evening or tomorrow, as he's out sailing?
Immediate gratification coupled with the idea that I can always use two sets of dpns in size one has me running out the door as we speak to the LYS to buy another set.
I'm insane, I know. But, for those that know me, accept this and are okay with it.
Pictures are coming, really.

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