Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back on track! And *LOTS* of pictures

First, I now have a new set of size one dpns. I think the advice I received was more then worth the impromptu trip to Chevy Chase just now. As I was talking about the MIA needles with the girls at Stitch DC the very large sock (hence the need for the needles) came out of my bag. I was talking to them about a design problem I was having with the ankle section and how I was going to have to pick up extra stitches to accommodate the recipients very large ankle/like area.(no, he doesn't have fat ankles, you'll get in trouble if you say that, trust me...)
"Oh just switch to size 2's." says Jess (thegirlIwanttobefriendswithwhoworksatthisstore.) Wow. How simple. And it didn't even occur to me. Yay! I've switched to ebony needles and I'm in love with them (not pictured). Bamboo, while I love for the hippy in my heart (renew-ables and all that good stuff...), tends to be a bit splitty when I use it on small sized needles.
I think I'm going to have to ask Santa or any other benefactor for a gift card to KnitPicks, so I can invest in their nickel plated hollow needles. Yum.

So, here's the detail of my Aunt's needlework. She is one of my major "craft" inspirations. You can obviously see why. I have no desire at all to do needlepoint, but good lord, the detail in it is amazing.

And... the results of the art project from last weekend!
The Tall Guy and I were both suffering from allergies and not wanting to go out in the rain. We turned to Easter Egg dye, natural coloured wool and a little bit of a mess.
So much fun!

The set up (left). You get creative when you don't have a swift.
The pre soak. (below)
Warm water and a little white vinegar. This opens the fibers so it will take the dye.

After painting the yarn with an egg dye, vinegar and warm water solution, it was all wrapped up like a yarn burrito (ala Scout on Knitty Gritty) and then we tossed them in the microwave to "set" the color.
You can see the "pre and during" cooking skeins on the far left below. Hanging on the coat hangers, are the skeins after we rinsed them out.
Call me nerdy, but it was pretty darn fun.

Now, after it hung up in various places throughout my apartment for about two days, we were allowed to touch it and see what it looked like.
I, for one was pretty happy!
Mine was the Blue/Green/Citrus one. The Tall Guy's was the far more colourful one which looks a little circus-y, but pretty cool. We've already likened it to the Gay Pride Flag, so I'm not sure he'll wear it, if I knit it up into a hat for him. I'm thinking it may make a cute little travel/makeup bag for me, but I'm not sure what it will do when I try to felt it. As you can see my knitting is becoming more and more of an experiment and the process is sort of what I love about it.
I'm already thinking about the idea of dyeing sock yarn.

Now, I'm going back outside to play. Spring is FINALLY here in DC.


  1. ohmygod, your yarn is gorgeous! i'm so jealous - i've never tried dying!!

    also... i never thought i wouls like needlepoint, but *damn* the piece done by your aunt is BEAUTIFUL!

    see you tomorrow at the Warehouse!

  2. Oh fun! oh fun! I miss crafts...
    ~ Mkick