Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A sock's not a sweater

The old wives tale (for those that don't know) is that its considered bad luck to knit for a person you're hmmm.. romantically involved with, that you aren't married to. By all research I've done, it seems that it specifically lies within sweaters. Given that I call him the Tall Guy, you can imagine I won't be knitting him sweaters anytime soon.
I decided to throw caution to the old wives tale wind. The super secret project is out for display as it was handed to him, needles and all for his birthday. You see.. he deserves socks; I mean he is one of my biggest knitting cheerleaders after all, he even winds balls of yarn when bored! ... please note, that the "model" foot is mine. His foot is just a little bit larger then thak:) For the knitters out there, its Claudia's handpainted (I'm a little worried about it not being superwash, but we'll see...) in the "Buckeye" colorway. I'm hoping to only use two skeins, but on size one's its likely to be over two.

I can't believe I forgot to post about this last time. My exciting news for the week was that I learned to drive Stick (aka: Manual for some) this weekend! The Tall Guy taught me on the drive home from Easter dinner. I only stalled once and may have peeled out of an intersection twice. Otherwise, he said I was the best student he had ever had! yay!
And, finally... my electric blue socks will be done tonight, but only if I stay up past my bedtime, which is quite likely.


  1. Don't tell Jesse you can drive stick...he's been bugging me for 4 years to learn...I'm running out of excuses! What happens if you have to stop on a hill??? I would have to wave cars around me until I could roll backwards down the hill and start over.

  2. you're right: a sock is not a sweater! and it looks awesome :-)

    are we still on for SnB Sunday?

  3. oh dear, i'm sorry to hear about the allergies :-(
    i think i sadly might have to bail on SnB today as well due to rain and end-of-semester work overload.

    we can try again next week :-)