Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Promises promises

Tonight. Or tomorrow if I get sidetracked.. I promise to post pics of:
  • My aunt's amazing needlepoint in better detail.
  • The art project from this weekend. The tall guy and I tried our hands at dying yarn. He's better than me.
  • The giant sock continues...

And... as the giant sock continues, I look longingly at two skeins of yarn patiently waiting to become socks as well. One of Lisa Souza in Little Devil and one of Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia, which while I swear I have and Sherri at the Loopy Ewe thinks is her favorite (according to the cute hand written note she sent me with my package... I LOVE the Loopy Ewe!), it doesn't seem to appear ON the Fleece artist website.

So, sorry no eye candy at the moment, but allergies, work and yoga/work are kicking my butt right now. I promise to deliver the goods soon.

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