Sunday, April 8, 2007

What kind of music does the Easter Bunny like?

Hip Hop!
I apparently, am one of the only people that thinks that's funny.
I just started a super secret project that you won't see a picture of now. We'll see if the word gets out. You'll get a picture then if the news leaks. In the meantime, my camera battery was dying and the pictures I took tonight are too blurry for public consumption even if I were to share with you.
Prior to the camera exhaustion, I captured the newest art I have on my wall.
I never thought I would love needlepoint, and you won't get a close up this time, but my Aunt did this all over the course of the last year and its pretty much amazing. As soon as my camera is back up to speed, I'll give you a detail view.
Sid seems to like it above his tank.


  1. super secret project exposed!!!! I love it. No pressure on the completion date. I know there is a sweater lingering somewhere in the knitting pile.

  2. Can you please post a bigger pictures of Deb's handy-work? It looks be-u-tiful!