Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday's are rough

I rarely get home before 930 or 10 on Monday's due to Yoga and then typically dinner w/some of the Adams/Morgan living girls... This makes for a long-ass Monday. Not the nicest way to put it, but its the simplest. So, only one non-knitting picture and I'm sick of ribbing at the top of the sock, so I don't feel like talking about it. Mostly in that way that I just want to get it over with and start the second sock. 1x1 ribbing is so tedious! Remember my desire for a sweat shop? This would be the time I would have one!
Yesterday I had an interview at the yoga studio where I work and practice . Basically, I interviewed for a lot of what I already do, but with a bit more responsibility, a few more hours and a potential new title. I know, I know.. I can't seem to only have one job and when I have a second job, I somehow find myself with more responsibility then I planned for a "fun part time job". That's just how I roll, I suppose. But, in any case, I'll keep you updated.
After my meeting with the studio owner, I ventured over to Knitting at the Warehouse. It was definitely fun, and I think if I keep going, some of the folks could be people who I want want to hang out with or at least knit with on the regular. Goodness, I'm about to sound like kindergarten all over again, but at events like this, all I can ever think is "Please like ME! I'm surely not as (enter: geeky, nerdy, lame etc) as you may think!" Sigh. Making friends after college is really not easy.
I'm sad to report that my first live-friend via the knitting blog world will be moving to Pittsburgh soon. Janet, I'm bummed!
And for a bit of silly-ness. Its warm out. My arms are getting tan. As you may or may not know, one of the major issues I have with DC is how far it is from the open ocean. The bay, harbors whatever, they're all okay, but I'm ready for the beach. The REAL beach.
A photo from last summer, a prize goes to anyone who can
a) tell me where this is
b) Was NOT there.
AND c) spell it right without Google or Wiki. Honesty is your best policy kids.

I'll be more coherent tomorrow, I promise. Or. I just promise to try, which is more realistic.


  1. ohh baby youre hot

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I can answer, all of the above, but don't think it'd be fair


    P.S. I think I did something wrong and may have this comment posted twice.

  4. Assoteague -did I spell it right? And if the prize is your nasty bag of neopolitan kisses, no thanks :)


  5. Hey - What did you interview for at the yoga studio? Are you going to take the teacher training course?

    It's really not fair that I don't get to answer your question.

    ~ Mkick

  6. don't worry - i'll be back in DC all the time...seeing as the New Boy and my entire social life will be left behind here :-( Perhaps I will try to stop by SnB when I'm down for the weekends!
    and it will be like I never left because I'll know everything you've been working on thanks to my super-stalker blog-reading skills :-)

  7. ooh ooh! i know! assateague!