Wednesday, April 4, 2007


For years, random people have told me to go eat at Mixtec, its great, etc etc.
I know a one time incident shouldn't keep me from going, but seriously? This is nasty.
Inside Edition apparently has some sort of "Rat Patrol" that checks out places infested with creatures. Not the most credible news service, but the DC Health Dept took notice and immediately shut down all of the places mentioned in the piece. Gross!
Now, I should explain that I'm not totally new to the idea of rats where I hang out and eat and/or live.
In my five years in Boston, I collected enough Rat-based horror stories to write a book. The one that warms my heart the most will always be my first apt w/Er and Kerry. Coming home from the library or work one night, I was chased DOWN a flight a stairs by a rat the size of a small dog. It had an obvious "other direction" it could be going, but decided it was more fun to chase me. When I flew into the apartment and slammed the door, I don't think I could have been more freaked if Jason with his chainsaw had been chasing me. The mice that refused to vacate our apartment (we lived in a basement) suddenly seemed okay.
So, all that said, I think I'll stick to cooking at home for awhile.


  1. Ok, I think I was one of the people that said- "Mixtec is so good!" I hate rats epsecially when they come inside my building.

  2. i've never been to Mixtec, and i think i'll keep it that way...
    we had mice in our house this winter, and that pretty much maxed out my rodent tolerance for my lifetime!

    i'm definitely up for SnB again on the 15th :-)