Monday, February 19, 2007

New England and Back... and a hat that fits

Bad news: We threw in the towel on the first hat dubbed the Fat Albert hat. Washing it made it bigger .
Good news: In massive delays between DC and Boston and a visit with the family, a new hat was born.
Better news: This one fits! The tall guy seems to like it (and not just in that way that he's humoring me) and I breathed a sigh of relief that it fit and didn't cover his eyes this time. Circular needles mean no seams! Yay!

NH and Boston were great as always. There was plenty of time with friends, family, a few mishaps with delayed flights, missing luggage and great food and drinks.
I got to eat at some of my favorite places (Brown Sugar, Friendly Toast, Newicks) , show the Tall Guy some of the things I love about Boston and NH ...and I was even allowed into two (yes TWO) yarn stores... one in Boston (Windsor Button!!!) and one in Portsmouth (The Yarn Basket).
After finishing the hat (try two, as I call it), I decided to reward myself with a somewhat impulse yarn and needle purchase at the Yarn Basket. The most recent knitty had this pattern called Calorimetry and I wanted it real bad. So, I found out that the LYS in p-town carried the yarn and I picked it up along with a new pair of birch needles that I didn't reallllly need, but were obviously very much desired. A picture will post tomorrow of the work in progress. Its a fairly fast knit so far and an hour delay back out of Boston this afternoon certainly aided in my eagerness to move this one along.
There are no major plane trips planned for the next few months, and plane rides always make my knitting move faster. The upswing, however is that my love affair with Harry (I'm halfway through number 6 right now) is nearly over, so that will help refocus on my knitting goals.

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