Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow day

Sid likes snow days as you can see from the previous post, almost as much I as do.
It reminds me of home in NH and I always like the excuse to lay low for a lazy Sunday afternoon looking out the window.
Today gave me the time to frog (pull out for non-knitters) the entire Calorimetry project due to it being wayyyy to big (I knit loose, I should have known that) and wind it into my first successful (in how many years of knitting?) center-pull ball. Its now on size 7 aluminums and we'll shoot for completion this week instead of last.
I also just got sucked into Jess Hutch's blog for quite a awhile. Knit critters may be my next endeavor, they are SO cute without being too girly. Check it out... her blog.

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  1. Pia-
    If you and I combined knitting forcing we would probably get the right tightness since everything I knit is water-proof.