Thursday, March 6, 2008

meet baby cutie pie

If you know anything about me, you're apt to know I'm just as quick to say a baby resembles an alien as I am to say its okay-looking.
That said, I'd like you to meet my new little niece! (Parents, I hope its okay, I've dropped the future). She is, I dare say, the cutest baby on the block, but that's just me.

Its been a trying week, with life still partially in boxes, wedding questions coming up again and work being nuts. This week is also the anniversary of my losing my mom to breast cancer 12 years ago. It will be nice, in the future to associate this week with our new little niece's birthday as opposed to what I've thought about for the past twelve years.

In knitting news (cuz that's what I'm suposed to be talking about....right?) I cast on randomly for a mini clapotis last night. I've had this malabrigo lace weight mocking me for close to a year now, so I decided it was time... I'll show you pictures of it soon, I promise!!
And, last but not least, I'm debating tossing my name into the drawing for getting a slot in Scout's Indie Sock Club this go round. I think I may just do it this time, I love Scout's yarn and she's just so darn cool, I wish we could be friends. (Don't tell her I said that, it seems a little creepy, right?)


  1. my thoughts are with you this week, love.
    i'm so glad you have a positive to counteract the painful.
    love and miss you!

  2. p.s. it's not creepy to "wish" to be someone's friend.
    when i first met you, i knew i wanted to make you my friend, and i did!