Saturday, March 8, 2008

slowly but, surely

The house is starting to resemble a dwelling..and before the behavior actually occurs, I should fess up... I may not be as good a blogger coming up here for a little while... the Tall Guy and I wandered into Best Buy last night and somehow in an event that felt more like a drug deal then it did a retail transaction, I (ME not the Tall Guy!) am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii! When my Aunt and Uncle were over for lunch today, we even got them playing and discussing if they should get one. So much fun. Its really the only game system I've ever played for more then 30 seconds where I have fun, don't break out into a cold sweat or want to vomit because the graphics are so weird (like... what was that Bond back in college?)
Our good purchasing luck continued as the Tall Guy found an open box LCD TV like he had been looking for (not too big, 32 inches I think) and then... today, we were going to Goodwill to drop off more stuff for charity and what-do-you-know..(quick digression here). If you know anything about me on the outside world, its that I'm a bit of a denim girl.. not totally nuts, but I love my Diesels and my Sevens etc. I'm little and when I find things that fit right, I get them... it been ages and ages since I bought any new jeans as it was one of the things I cut out of the budget in efforts to save... so, today we go to Goodwill, walk in quick to see if there's anything interesting and I find...not one...but two pairs of paper, denim and cloth jeans! In my size! The best part? They were $6.98 each and I'm pretty sure one pair has never been worn! Seriously. Awesome.
And on to yarn and knitting content...I can't believe its taken me this long to show you all the sweater... I've been wearing it on the regular for over a month now! Its not the best light, but you get the idea (and look, our bedroom is in not-too-bad shape!)

And, before I go, a little yarn pr0n for ya...I was at the Loopy Ewe website this week, ordering a few presents for fellow crafters (shhhh, you can't see...) and a few skeins of Yarn Love fell into my cart. How could I not resist they are totally my colours! Its the Elizabeth Bennet line, which is 65% Superfine Merino, 20% bamboo and 15% silk. I may leave a few projects unfinished just to cast this stuff on!!!

Tomorrow, I promise, in honor of Malabrigo March, you'll see photos of my min-clap in progress. In the meantime, back to kicking the Tall Guy's butt in Wii Bowling!


  1. We got a wii a couple weeks ago. A major time suck (along with ravelry, my main competitor for knitting time!) Isn't it fun??

  2. Love, love, love the sweater! So very cute, trendy, and flattering... Love it!