Monday, March 3, 2008

And we're back!

For the first time since the beginning of August, I'm sitting in my own house with a solid, reliable internet connection! Wahoo!
We have completed the move, there are boxes all over, and I'm wiped out. But, its a super cute place, we have a little backyard and the pup, well, she's in her glory. I didn't realize it fully until about an hour ago when I caught her rolling around in the backyard quite happy to be soaking up some new scent. We know who's getting a bath soon!
Only a little knitting these past few days and if I could begin to imagine where my camera is, I'd take a picture. Ha.
On family news, I have a new little niece that was born yesterday. Its time like this that the Tall Guy and I are sad to be so far from most of our family. (His Michigan, mine NH) but, the internet is an amazing thing and we got to see pics of the beauty within hours of her coming into the world.
We can only hope that at least with the move over with, our lives will be a bit more organized.
Okay. Stop laughing! I said hope!

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  1. I seriously was laughing. You're funny. Glad the move is over, and from the sounds of it, uneventful. Hopefully Annie will continue to adjust and learn that she's safe with her new parents. Congrats on the new niece too!!