Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another day, another sock

Shortly after finishing the toe on my new Lemon Lime socks the other night, I was on to my next endeavor. I got this yarn from the Loopy Ewe after Christmas (Thanks Parents for the GC!) and have been thinking about projects for it ever since. I came to the conclusion that a simple jaywalker would suit this yarn just right. Just the right level of mindless while still being interesting. SweetDeets:
Yarn: Spritely Goods, Slph Fine Fingering
Needle: One size two long ass needle. I think its 42 inches.
Pattern: Grumperina's Jaywalker.

Annie loves her new backyard.
This means the Tall Guy and I are much happier too. Note the green squeaky toy. Its her "outdoor" toy because inside... its the most distracting and noisy, brain-pain enducing toy ever but, the pup loves it. So. Much.


  1. Annie is so cute with her toy!

  2. When we had a dog, she had a green squeaky hedgehog that we called 'mousey'. Don't why we called a hedgehog 'mousey', that's lost in the mists of time but the dog loved it, she had it years and never 'killed' the squeak so when we got fed up we put it up on the top of the cupboard.