Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohio, again.

This past weekend one of my "girls", Yve stopped by with her bf for lunch and brought me an early birthday present/housewarming gift. TWO pints of ice cream from Jeni's! Seriously. Folks. I'm an ice cream/gelato sort of girl and this is the best stuff around.Yve had been in Ohio w/her man recently because he's there for work, and on a very cold winter day they ventured to North Market on my urging (well, shouting on the phone sort of thing) and tried it. And, then. They understood. I now have Salty Caramel and Gravel Road in my freezer and was considering ways to hide it from the Tall Guy, but decided if we're going to do this whole getting married thing, I suppose I can share a little of my ice cream. Maybe.

And, to round out my thoughts on Ohio today, Natalie Dee brings us knitting content. She is, in my humble opinion, the shit.
natalie dee


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