Monday, March 10, 2008

As the swift turns...

Or Legends of the Ball-winder? haha. I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, now that I have a little corner carved out in the spare bedroom, I finally had a moment tonight to set up the swift and ball winder to try it out. For anyone totally lost, here's what I'm talking about. And some of you are lost after that post, which is why I have a video for you of the swift and ball winder in action. Knitters, you don't really need to watch unless you're that curious. My hand normally guides the yarn, but it was (duh) holding the camera. I should also explain to the muggles, that Yarn comes in a "hank" that looks like this:
When you undo the twisted action, the yarn in a big circle. You can't knit with a circle of yarn. Trust me..TRUST me. Anyway, that's why I have this contraption..

So, I decided when I got home tonight that I would not actually work on anything else currently on the needles, but instead start a pair of sport-weight (heavier) socks that will be more like "house socks" because this new house has a whole lot of wood floors, not a lot of rugs and a good draft. I'm a barefoot girl myself, but my toes do get icy. The great thing about sport weight yarn on size three needles? It goes SO fast. So, here's the progress of about an hour (mayyybe an hour, the phone did ring). This is Woolarina's Sport Weight HandPainted. Not only is her yarn cute, but she's super nice in person!
And for those waiting with bated breath... here's the beginnings of my Clapotis.
I have a bit of startitis right now, but I'm overly concerned. Nothing is on a deadline, its going to be warm soon and I can just start stockpiling for next winter! This is probably a good thing, also between the Wii, and realizing not only that the pup thinks she's a lap dog (at 40+lb), but she also doesn't like me knitting, when I should be patting her. Photos to follow on that one.

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