Friday, August 10, 2007

Welll, at least the house is more clean

Its been an annoying Friday. I've spent the entire afternoon and now into the evening alternating between yelling at Comcast on the phone and waiting for them to show up.
I'm still waiting. They were 'spose to be here over 2 hours ago (that includes the 3 hour window!) So, now instead of going into the city for dinner, my friends are awesome and they're coming here with Chinese. After dinner, we're heading to the Montgomery County Fair. I can't wait. I love stuff like this. I mean, little pigs racing, fried dough (or anything else you can think of) scary rides... its great.

I also have been letting my hair grow, which is kind of big for me, as I've had it really short for years and years. Its also not been a natural colour since about Sophomore year of high school (do your own math) and I wasn't quite sure what my hair really looked like anymore. So, this go around with the dye, I let it go longer then my customary 4-6 weeks. Its been over 8 weeks now and I can at least see that my hair is still about the same hue it was a decade ago. There is however, a major issue.
I found a grey hair. It isn't actually grey, though. More like WHITE. Good lord, I'm taking after my mother, who was salt and pepper by 30.
My hair will be dyed this weekend, no further research is needed. Sigh.

In the meantime, .my house is much cleaner and I've taken pictures of some yarn I hadn't gotten around to capturing until today. This one is my new fave.
Originally uploaded by sparklypia
I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I love looking at it. Perhaps old age is making me more into pink, but this Chewy Spaghetti yarn just makes me think of bubble gum icecream. Yum

If anyone has a better idea of an internet option for me (besides the current one where I "borrow" what I can pick up and thank my neighbors for not password protecting?) I am open to any ideas.

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